How to take care of a Clear Comfort pool [Download]


The number one question that we hear is, “How will my pool maintenance change with a Clear Comfort system?”

Taking care of a Clear Comfort pool is very similar to maintaining a traditional chlorinated or saltwater pool. However, a Clear Comfort system can provide a low-chlorine pool, and it will simplify your day-to-day pool maintenance by eliminating the need to manually handle, dose and store toxic pool chemicals.

Our quick guide for ongoing maintenance includes step-by-step directions for the caring for a Clear Comfort pool:

1. Water balance

All pools — using a Clear Comfort system or not — require proper pool water chemistry balancing, like pH, alkalinity, TDS, etc., to keep pool water clean and clear.

2. Airflow measurement

On a monthly basis, the system’s airflow will have to be measured and set between 5 to 7 LPM using the supplied air flow meter.

3. Algae prevention

It’s important to note that chlorine acts both as an algaecide and a sanitizer. If you are going super low-chlorine or no chlorine with the Clear Comfort system it is recommended to use some form of preventative algaecide in conjunction with the system.

4. Annual cartridge replacement

The only maintenance for the Clear Comfort system is a replacement cartridge that has to be replaced after 8,000 hours of use. The system’s red indicator light will illuminate when you have to replace it, and it takes less than five minutes to replace.  

Download your complete quick guide for Clear Comfort’s ongoing maintenance:

How to take care of a Clear Comfort pool - Quick Guide: Ongoing Maintenance


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