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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

Aquatics professionals: Meet your new pool

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Meet your new pool. boy swimming in poolIt’s a hybrid version of its former self. It sips chemicals instead of gulping them down and does the same with water and energy, unlike your UV system. It smells better and feels better on your eyes and skin. Direct hydroxyl injection makes this possible. An American innovation manufactured in Colorado, hydroxyl injection can help us win on important sustainability metrics including water and energy usage and chemical output. Meet your sustainability goals: This advanced oxidation technology has proven customer value using quantifiable and qualitative sustainability metrics: These metrics include some of my sustainability targets: water, energy, toxins, and health. Ever the entrepreneur, I embrace the axiom, “talk is cheap,” so let’s examine some  of our customer’s experiences: Dive shop: A dive shop committed to sustainability cut chemical use in half and saved tens of thousands of gallons of water. We helped them eliminate UV and experience something better: reduced incidents of rashes among instructors and patrons while providing smoother, softer feeling water. In addition, the equipment is exposed to lower concentrations of corrosive chemicals, so it depreciates more slowly. The resources required to manufacture a buoyancy control device or a regulator are significant and increasing the lifetime of this equipment represents another longer term sustainability win. Competitive swim facility: A major competitive swim facility cut out a 10.5 kW UV system that cost $8,000 per year in energy compared to the $500 annual energy cost to operate our comparably sized system. Since the switch, bathers report a preference for Clear Comfort — not surprising because the combined chlorine levels never rise above 0.2 PPM. Hotels and resorts across the country: Hotels and their patrons say the water never looked or felt better. These customers typically say they are using half or even less chemicals than their baseline traditional chemistry because of our advanced oxidation process. Air quality improvements are immediate and noticeable with their own nested feedback loops: HVAC use and depreciation can be reduced, making it interesting for Real Estate Investment Trusts and others in the value chain. If guest amenity is a genuine priority and not just marketing fluff, or if sustainability messaging is authentic and not greenwashing, then Clear Comfort is your solution. For our local YMCA We’ve been able to provide tangible benefits to the local YMCA in helping reach goals for sustainability and making the facility as healthy and enjoyable as possible for members and staff. Read this letter from the YMCA CEO. We improve our customers and partners’ sustainability hopes and offer them a real solution. As an average American, I know my environmental footprint is so huge that I feel compelled to offset that impact through quantifiable sustainability impacts. Knowing changes in my personal life still wouldn’t make a dent, I turned to enterprise to create a bigger impact. Every customer installation we do is a huge, nested set of leveraged sustainability wins:
  • We help save water and avoid energy consumption
  • We reduce consumption of and exposure to toxic chemicals
  • We improve the health and cleanliness of all the water we help steward
For our recreational water industry, we do something amazing; we leverage technology to improve (potentially) the entire fleet of existing pools — 300,000 public pools and over 5 million residential pools can install or retrofit our AOP Technology to their system in the U.S. alone. With Clear Comfort, these facilities will witness improvements in water and air quality which have positive feedback loops. People enjoy swimming more and swim more often with less chemical infringement on their lives. Installing Clear Comfort is like retrofitting your pool to be a hybrid version of its former self. The advanced oxidation works for you 24/7 with no risk of overdosing because the hydroxyls are extremely short-lived.  I look forward to every day as an opportunity to make the world a better place through business and I hope you will, too.

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