(Webinar) During & After COVID: Adapting Your Aquatics Facility to a New World

As communities respond to COVID-19, aquatic operators must understand how to best connect with patrons, protect their facilities and, overall, avoid a catastrophic outcome. We will explore how facility operators can take a leadership role in preparing for a quick reopening once the crisis has passed. Additionally, we will take a look at the protocols and solutions that will help facilities succeed through challenging times now and in the future.

In this webinar, we will help you understand:

  • How leading facilities are communicating with patrons, employees and management

  • The best practices that will protect your facility’s water quality, equipment and surfaces

  • How to keep your water balanced when hands-on services are difficult or impossible

  • What to do now, during and after your facility reopens


How can I get Clear Comfort?

Find a dealer or pool service provider in your area that carries Clear Comfort’s pool & spa sanitation systems.