SpaRetailer magazine: Easier water treatment without chemicals

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SpaRetailer magazine interviews Clear Comfort CEO Steve Berens. The article, “The Changing Chemicals Market,” focuses on Clear Comfort as a “low touch” spa water treatment system.

For consumers seeking easier water treatment without chemical use, Clear Comfort offers a virtually hands-free system. It uses a water disinfection method called AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process). Clear Comfort CEO Steve Berens saw a hole in the market for a system with a different approach to spa-water treatment. The process creates molecules called hydroxyls, which eliminate bacteria and other contaminants, rendering crystal-clear water without requiring consumers to handle or measure chemicals. The company calls the system a “low-touch” solution to spa water care. Berens and his crew offer a different approach than standard chlorinating or brominating a hot tub. “That’s where people are unhappy,” Berens says. “They wonder if they’re putting too little or too much chemical in the water. Some of the folks who have used our system have found they were treating with way too much chemical. Once installed, our system requires zero additional chemicals. I somewhat take exception to the concept or notion that we’re stuck using the chemicals we’ve traditionally been using.”

While this system offers a higher cost of entry than standard chemicals, the ease of use does tempt consumers seeking a headache-free spa experience.

Read the full article.

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