Pool Story: How a JCC Cut 40% of Chlorine Use and Costs [Infographic]

In 2016, Kathy Torre, Aquatics Director at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) MetroWest, sought a healthier pool treatment solution to keep up with the facility’s swimming lessons, competitions and other activities.

The Challenge:

Torre says that trying to reduce combined chlorine and keep the pool environment’s air and water quality healthy for swimmers and staff are the toughest pool-operating challenges.

The overuse of chlorine and other chemicals in aquatic facilities can pose a threat to the health of swimmers and staff. When pool chlorine combines to organic material, like sweat or skin oils, it produces harmful chloramines, or combined chlorine, in the air and water. These disinfection byproducts can cause irritation, chemical odor, allergies and other health problems.

The Solution:

In 2016, the JCC MetroWest installed Clear Comfort’s hydroxyl-based secondary sanitation system on its 110,000 gallon pool. The JCC MetroWest kept track of the pool’s chlorine and carbon dioxide use and expenses from January to July 2016 and compared the results to the same time period in 2017.

The Results:

Compared to the same months in 2016, with Clear Comfort the JCC MetroWest’s pool saved 57 percent of its chlorine use and 28 percent of its carbon dioxide use in 2017 – equaling to a 41 percent savings in chemical expenses.

“Clear Comfort makes you feel like you are swimming in a crystal clear lake that just happens to be warmed to the perfect temperature,” said Kathy Torre, former Aquatics Director at the JCC MetroWest, “It allows me as a certified professional pool operator to offer the best quality recreational bathing experience possible and to have my staff work in a healthy aquatic environment.”

In addition to keeping the pool’s combined chlorine in an ideal range, Torre says that Clear Comfort requires minimal system maintenance – making the transition a healthy, cost-effective and operational win.

To learn more about the JCC MetroWest pool story, download the full case study here.



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