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Frequently asked questions

Expedited Cartridge Exchange FAQs

For the CCW100 & CCW50 AOP Systems

Have questions? We’re happy to help! Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions about the Expedited Cartridge Exchange.

With our Expedited Cartridge Exchange offering, you can send your spent cartridge to us and we will replenish it and return it to you within 10 business days of receiving it at our processing center. Expedited Cartridge Exchange orders include a $50 fee for an expedited refurbishment of your spent cartridge. With Expedited Cartridge Exchanges there is no core charge to be refunded or tracked. 

Expedited Cartridge Exchanges  are only available for CCW100 and CCW50 AOP systems.

Please Note: Expedited Cartridge Exchanges do not include a $50 “Core Charge” deposit.

1. It’s Good For Your Water Quality 
Your Clear Comfort system can keep providing the best water quality possible when you exchange your cartridge each year (or after 10,000 hours of use). No other system maintenance is required.  In less than 5 minutes you renew your system to its factory level of performance.

2. It’s Good For Our Planet
Designed with sustainability and reliability in mind, Clear Comfort cartridges use reusable, strong and durable aluminum, which helps your system last the lifetime of your pool or spa. The result is a lighter environmental footprint and less waste in landfills.

When your spent cartridge is sent back, Clear Comfort replenishes it to the same performance and durability level of a brand new system.

3. It’s Good For Your Wallet
Additionally, by using materials that can be used to build new cartridges, Clear Comfort is able to keep consumable costs down and more affordable to achieve the best, healthiest and easiest pool water. A win-win for you and the planet.

When your CCW100 or CCW50 AOP system’s cartridge Status LED Light illuminates:

  • Yellow Light: Your cartridge is about to expire and it’s time to purchase a replacement. 
  • Red Light: Your cartridge has expired and needs to be replaced immediately. 

To order your replacement cartridge, please visit:

Getting your Expedited Cartridge Exchange is easy: 
  1. When your Clear Comfort system’s Cartridge Status LED Light illuminates a:
    • Yellow Light: Your cartridge will expire soon and it’s time to order a replacement. 
    • Red Light: Your cartridge is expired and must be replaced immediately. 
  2. Your $50 Expedited Cartridge Exchange fee is paid at time of purchase.
  3. Once your replacement cartridge order is placed, you’ll receive an email with instructions to return your spent cartridge. Remember, the sooner you send it the sooner you get it back. You can select the carrier of your choice and the speed of shipment you prefer. 
  4. Send your spent cartridge to Clear Comfort with your replacement cartridge order number for reference: 
    • Clear Comfort Attn: Order No: [[Replacement Cartridge Order # Here]] 168 CTC Blvd, Suite E Louisville, CO 80027 303.872.4477
  5. Once Clear Comfort receives your spent cartridge, it will be replenished and shipped to you within 10 business days. By exchanging your spent cartridge with Clear Comfort, you are lessening your home’s environmental footprint. 

Once Clear Comfort receives your spent cartridge, it will be recycled and refurbished and shipped to you within 10 business days. The return shipping costs are paid at the time of placing your replacement cartridge order. 

We recommend packaging and sending your spent cartridge back to Clear Comfort within 1 to 7 calendar days of ordering your replacement cartridge. 

It is at the dealer’s discretion whether they charge their customer the Expedited Cartridge Exchange fee or if they take responsibility to collect the spent cartridge to return it to Clear Comfort.

If you are purchasing through a dealer, the simplest way to exchange your cartridge is by visiting your dealer’s store or location to swap your spent cartridge for a replacement cartridge. If you are purchasing through a service company, you can do the same swap on site.

If your cartridge was ordered from your dealer, please contact them for additional details.