[Video] Clear Comfort Check-In: Kyle McCawley, Lamp Rynearson

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In this virtual Clear Comfort Check-In, Kyle McCawley, Project Manager at Lamp Rynearson, sits down with Tom Schaefer of Clear Comfort to discuss how the engineering and swimming pool design firm is adapting to the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown. McCawley focuses on swimming pool design and planning as well as construction and administration, for municipal communities throughout the midwest. McCawley and Schaefer talk about how the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting government shutdowns have affected Lamp Rynearson’s operations and how McCawley is staying connected with his team and clients. Additionally, McCawley shares advice on how aquatics facilities should plan and prepare for reopening.

Clear Comfort Check-Ins are a way for the aquatics community to connect and share their ideas, experiences and solutions. If you’re interested in scheduling a Clear Comfort Check-In, contact us today!


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