Your three-step guide for preparing for algae season

Every outdoor pool faces a constant onslaught of algae spores that wind, rain and swimmers introduce. When conditions are right, you can quickly find yourself with a pool full of algae if you don’t manage your water properly. Here is a three-step approach to winning the battle against algae in your pool whether your pool is a Clear Comfort pool or not.

  • Check your water level, test and balance it
  • Make sure the green light on your CCW100 is on and blinking
  • Inspect the blue hose to make sure the connections are secure and not kinked
  • Inspect your air injection setting with your flow meter, 5-7 liters per minute
  • Be aware of your annual cartridge renewal date
  • Create a shopping list of the items you will need
  • Professional water testing kit (Avoid making time consuming trips to the pool store – purchase a Taylor K-2005 test kit)
  • Muriatic acid (pH control)
  • Sodium bicarbonate (alkalinity control)
  • Algaecide (Pool Rx can provide an easy application for algae)
  • Phosphate remover
  • Pole, skim net, vacuum hose, vacuum head, leaf vacuum, nylon & wire brush
  • Unstabilized chlorine — specifically for occasional shock, use only cal-hypo or bleach, not di-chlor or tri-chlor
  • Water balancing, daily, bi-weekly, etc.
  • Weekly pool maintenance, skim, vacuum, brush, empty baskets & cleaner bags
  • Weekly equipment inspections & any required repairs, leaks
  • Follow manufacturer recommended filter cleanings, backwashing, repairs
  • Be aware of your environment, including heavy bather loads, heavy rain, pollen, organic loading



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Louie Warco

Louie Warco brings 35 years expertise of broad-based operations management to Clear Comfort. Primary skills are leadership, training, customer service relations and problem-solving. He joined the CCW team in 2015 as the Texas Area sales manager. In 2016 he moved into the role of Customer Success Manager and has 12 years experience in service and maintenance in the pool industry. He ensures customers enjoy a sustainable, non-toxic and healthy swimming experience. Louie has been recognized throughout his career for his strength in developing team personnel, company policies and a strong culture of customer satisfaction. Outside of the office, Louie enjoys family time with humans and furry friends, swimming, cycling and golf.