How to Get an Eco-Friendly Pool with Clear Comfort [Infographic]

Learn how Clear Comfort can bring you an eco-friendly pool by conserving water and reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Water conservation

With Clear Comfort, you are able to drain and backwash your pool less often. While many states are struggling with drought, you are helping to do your part to save water while offering a safe place for the community to swim.

A recent study even found that pools can use less water than your lawn — with Clear Comfort you are reducing your water use even more.

2. Health

Chlorine sanitation produces toxic disinfection byproducts that can cause skin, eye, lung and other serious health issues. Reducing chlorine use limits your exposure to DBPs.

In addition, chlorine is toxic to wildlife, fish and plants. You are lessening the levels of toxic chemicals you spread into our ecosystem.

3. Chemical reduction 

By reducing chlorine use, you are reducing chemical handling, storage and the eventual distribution into the water supply. Chlorine production, packaging and distribution has a large carbon footprint. You can also limit the chemical domino chain that occurs when you balance your water after using high levels of chlorine, lowering your use of other chemicals.

See more ways you can do your part for our world with Clear Comfort in the infographic below.

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Lauren McNitt

Marketing Director at Clear Comfort
Lauren loves swimming during the summer and relaxing in a hot tub after skiing, but the harsh chemicals limit the time she can spend in a pool. She's excited to bring Clear Comfort to others who share her enjoyment of swimming. Lauren is the Director of Marketing for Clear Comfort.