The benefits of algaecides for your pool

web-iStock_000014001512Every outdoor pool faces a constant onslaught of algae spores that wind, rain and swimmers introduce. When conditions are right, you can quickly find yourself with a pool full of algae if you don’t manage your water and pool properly.

Preventing algae can be tedious with any type of pool sanitation. Algaecides provide an effective and fast acting way to kill algae in your swimming pool.

The best way to prevent algae is to have consistent, good maintenance habits. These include:

  1. A clean filter that is working properly and circulating water for the right amount of time.
  2. Regular weekly brushings of your pool, walls, floors, steps, etc.
  3. Water testing and correctly balancing the water to the industry standards.

The most commonly used algaecides are:

  1. Copper-based algaecides, effective for mustard and yellow algae, will not foam but can cause stains when not properly used.
  2. Black algaecide is specifically made for black algae, which is the most resistant to chlorine and other algaecides and algaestats.
  3. Polyquats, which are safe to not cause stains or foaming.
  4. Quats, which are safe to not cause stains but can foam if not used properly.
  5. Chlorine and bromine, which are effective but leave toxic byproducts for swimmers.

When your pool has an algae bloom it is best to first use a chlorine shock and eradicate the algae. When the normal, low or no chlorine levels return to the pool, use the algaecide. This will make the algaecide more effective.

Proper application of an algaecide product will create an inviting, sparkling and safe environment for your pool and the swimmers.




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Louie Warco

Louie Warco brings 35 years expertise of broad-based operations management to Clear Comfort. Primary skills are leadership, training, customer service relations and problem-solving. He joined the CCW team in 2015 as the Texas Area sales manager. In 2016 he moved into the role of Customer Success Manager and has 12 years experience in service and maintenance in the pool industry. He ensures customers enjoy a sustainable, non-toxic and healthy swimming experience. Louie has been recognized throughout his career for his strength in developing team personnel, company policies and a strong culture of customer satisfaction. Outside of the office, Louie enjoys family time with humans and furry friends, swimming, cycling and golf.