4 Pool Upgrades to Make This Summer

4 Pool Upgrades to Make This Summer | Clear Comfort AOP Pool System

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The official First Day of Summer is Jun 21, and the transitional spring weather won’t be around for much longer. Spring brings a range of different temperatures and conditions that can have an impact on your outdoor pool usability and maintenance.

In some areas of the country, colder spring months can afford pool owners an opportunity to explore and plan for changes to the pool to better suit their needs or interests. The upgrades could be structural, economical, environmental, or design-oriented. They could be major changes or smaller, incremental improvements that make them that much more enjoyable to use when the spring rolls around again.

The purpose of making pool upgrades varies for each owner, but the underlying goal is usually to make it more enjoyable to use and easier to maintain. While it’s always good to plan pool upgrades during the down seasons, many pool owners find themselves realizing the ways they can improve their pool environment when they’ve spent time there in the spring or summer. The good news – there’s still time to install a new product or add design features that will make your pool water and backyard environment feel fresh and new. 

If you are looking to make your home pool environment more enjoyable, here are four common pool upgrades to consider making this summer:

1. Minimize Chlorine Use

Heavily chlorinated swimming water is one of those outdated solutions that some pool owners have just gotten used to and neglected to look at the range of other healthier and cost-effective options. Maybe it’s because the popular use of chlorine in industrial chemicals and as a disinfectant in drinking water have desensitized people to its harmful effects.

Just like most technologies, developments water disinfection have significantly improved since the first days of chlorine pool sanitation. While chlorine is a strong disinfectant that helps keep pool and spa water clean and safe, combined chlorine (chloramines) from mismanaged chlorine sanitation has proven to be damaging for skin, lungs and digestion for adults – and especially for children.

Overexposure to chlorine, combined chlorine and other chlorine byproducts begins with itchy skin and eyes. Anyone who has swam in a chlorinated pool for any length of time have probably experienced red irritated eyes, itchy dry skin and other related symptoms. On a long-term scale, consistent exposure to combined chlorine can cause asthma, allergies or respiratory problems, possibly compounding pre-existing breathing difficulties in children.

It should come as no surprise then, that pool owners should look at other chlorine alternatives. And there are many low-chlorine pool sanitizers to choose from to create a fresh and clean swimming experience, including saltwater pool systems, UV pool systems and Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) pool systems.

One of the most cutting edge solutions is the AOP pool sanitizers, which uses the power of ultraviolet rays to destroy targeted organisms like algae, bacteria, and other unwanted forms of organic matter. It’s a chemical-free process that, once installed, works effectively without recurring costs of other chemical disinfectants.  

2. Add Pool Tiling Detail

Some of the most luxurious pools in the world area framed and detailed with tile designs. The smooth surface and shimmering effects of detail tile surfaces make them a natural complement for a pool aesthetic. Whether its an elaborate or minimal modern tile design, this sun-reflecting pool detail can offer a calming and luxurious feel for those swimming in the pool or lounging around it.

On a more practical note, tile also makes for excellent flooring because the grout between the tiles, and sometimes the texture of the tiles themselves, offer traction for easy mobility when walking in the water. And while there are many directions to go with tile, the nice thing is that tile is relatively affordable and has a truly outsized impact on the experience and usability of the pool.

3. Improve Your Water Circulation

Is it time to find a more effective pool water pump and/or filter? If the majority of last summer’s energy bill went to your pool pump’s power consumption, then it’s probably a good idea to look for alternatives. Investing in a quality pool pump, like a variable speed pump, is crucial to getting the best possible water quality and the most efficient energy consumption. No one wants to swim in a pool that’s not properly circulated – and your pool shouldn’t just be something to look at but something you want to spend time in. 

The trick is matching the best pool circulation equipment to the specifics of the pool design, a challenge that is only made more complex by the sheer number of available options. It’s not uncommon for pool owners to choose an energy-consuming – yet inexpensive – single speed pool pump, and thus wind up wasting money on their energy bill, spending too much time on water care or maintaining pool water that’s simply not as clean as it could be.

4. Put a Fire in the Backyard

Adding a fireplace as an accessory to your pool environment can be an easy and quick backyard improvement. Backyard fireplaces or fire pits are a great way to make sure you’re enjoying your backyard in both the day and night. When the sun is out, you can enjoy the pool water – then in the evening, you can end the day by gathering or relaxing by the fire overlooking the pool. 

Start Your Pool Improvement Process Now

Hopefully, these four upgrades are a reminder that pool maintenance is an ongoing job. When a new swimming season is around the corner, always remember to as your pool and/or spa operators about the newer features, equipment or methods that are the best practice and best serve your needs. Keeping your pool environment up-to-date can help make it easier to maintain healthier water, have a more luxurious look and operate the pool more efficiently so you and your family can enjoy it for years to come!


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