10 Reasons You Can Afford a Clear Comfort Pool System

If an effective and safe alternative to a chlorinated pool system exists, why wouldn’t you choose the healthier and cleaner option? Here is a list of reasons why you should choose a Clear Comfort pool system instead:

1. Cleaner and Safer 

Clear Comfort’s system kills Cryptosporidium – a chlorine-resistant pathogen that causes many pools to shut down every year.

2. Healthier 

Chlorine and chloramines are known to increase risk of asthma and respiratory allergies.

3. Decreased Exposure to Carcinogens 

Chlorine and its disinfection byproducts are thought to be carcinogenic, and therefore, toxic to humans.  If you love swimming and swim often, reducing your pool chlorine will decrease your exposure to disinfection byproducts.

4. Less Chemical Handling

Less chemical handling is required with a Clear Comfort system compared with a traditional chlorine pump system.

5. Lower Costs 

Chlorine costs are decreased or eliminated.  Also, maintenance costs for the equipment and pool area are decreased due to less or no chlorine to degrade the materials.

6. Less Stinky

With little to no chlorine in the pool with AOP Technology, there is no longer the chlorine smell or the harmful chloramines that create that smell.

7. Less Eye Irritation

Getting pool water in your eyes hurts when there is chlorine in the pool; with Clear Comfort you can splash, play and swim without goggles without getting irritated eyes.

8. Less Toxic to the Environment

Using chlorine is not environmentally friendly. When chlorine is introduced into the environment, the EPA has said it is toxic to fish and other aquatic species. In addition, production, delivery and packaging of chlorine consumes large amounts of energy.

9. Less Thirsty

Drain your pool less often with Clear Comfort, saving water.

10. A More Enjoyable Swimming Experience 

Combine all of the above nine items and add crystal clear and clean water.

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Claire McDaniel

Claire is a swimming and nutrition expert who loves to educate and motivate others to healthier living. She swam competitively for 18 years, is a five time All-American, a Division I National Champion, was co-captain of Team USA at the 2007 World University Games and was named a finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award. She also has a master’s degree in nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. After swimming, Claire started coaching and has coached all over the US and even in Switzerland! Her experience and expertise about both swimming and health fuel her passion for Clear Comfort’s mission – to make swimming a 100 percent healthy activity for swimmers, coaches, lifeguards and pool staff.