Chlorine Free & Low Chlorine Pool Treatment

Chlorine Free Residential Treatment

Low Chlorine Commercial Treatment

Simplified Maintenance & Management

Less Chlorine than Ozone, UV & Salt

Residential Pools

Clear Comfort’s chlorine free and low chlorine pool solutions rejuvenate your swimming and pool ownership experience. From simplified management to health and environment protection, our nontoxic, sustainable pool system aligns with your lifestyle.


Commercial & Public Pools

Clear Comfort’s commercial pool treatment helps your facility run more efficiently, safely and sustainably. You will reduce chlorine and destroy chlorine-resistant parasites, providing a healthier, more enjoyable environment for patrons and staff.


Dealer Partners

With Clear Comfort, offer your customers a low maintenance, eco-friendly, low chlorine or chlorine free pool treatment system that will help you grow your business. We offer our partners complete training, support and marketing.


How Our Technology Works

Clear Comfort uses a process inspired by the way our atmosphere cleans our air to bring you a clean, healthy pool without toxic chemicals. Our technology produces powerful hydroxyl radicals that destroy contaminants on contact and produces trace amounts of safe hydrogen peroxide for an added layer of protection.