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How does Clear Comfort AOP compare to UV ozone AOP pool systems?

While Clear Comfort and UV-ozone are both Advanced Oxidation Processes, they operate very differently. UV-ozone pool systems use two technologies to try to boost hydroxyl radicals, while creating ozone (O3) in the process. O3 is hazardous and requires degassing to protect swimmers’ health, equipment and pool surfaces. Clear Comfort’s patented AOP produces high-amounts of hydroxyl radicals (OH-), without O3 or required degassing. Hydroxyl radicals are inspired by the way our atmosphere naturally cleans our air making them safe and non-corrosive to pool surfaces. They are the most powerful oxidative compound available for recreational water treatment. 

UV-ozone AOP pool systems also require maintenance for both UV and ozone systems, which can take up to 12 hours of maintenance per year. Maintaining an energy-consuming UV pool system requires gloves to handle lamps, special tools and training. Alternatively, Clear Comfort’s AOP only requires an easy, annual 5 min. Cartridge Exchange for system maintenance. 

Clear Comfort’s strong water treatment capability is proven to scale from home spas to large water parks. In addition, Clear Comfort’s AOP pool systems are protected with an industry-leading System Warranty and a Money-Back Guarantee

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Last Updated: October 28, 2020

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