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Businesses that use our product are protecting their consumers, and staff alike. Clear Comfort is low maintenance, cost effective, and destroys harmful bacteria while chlorine systems don't. The choice is clear: Clear Comfort.

"My clients and staff have noticed a huge difference after switching to Clear Comfort. The water is cleaner, and the peace of mind that brings is priceless." -Keith Williams - Vice President

Who we are

Clear Comfort

Clear Comfort manufactures and sells chlorine-free, non-irritating, highly effective water disinfection systems for pools and spas with headquarters and manufacturing in Colorado. Clear Comfort was founded in March 2014 after securing the world wide exclusive license for its base technology.

Clear Comfort achieves in less than one hour what 20 PPM chlorine can’t achieve in four hours: Total Crypto deactivation. Clear Comfort provides complete pool disinfection that is superior to UV, ozone and salt. Find Clear Comfort in universities, gyms, city pools, hotels, YMCAs, and more. Zero capital risk. 90-day money back guarantee.

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