[Video] Clear Comfort Check-In: Donna Hodgert, Associate Director of Aquatics

In this virtual Clear Comfort Check-In, Donna Hodgert, Associate Director of Aquatics at Liberty University, sits down with Tom Schaefer of Clear Comfort to discuss the obstacles and opportunities that the university is facing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown. Hodgert shares how she is productively using this operational downtime and planning for a successful reopening. With many concerns about the mental and physical health of university athletes during the quarantine, Hodgert also explains how she is supporting and communicating with swimmers. 

Clear Comfort Check-Ins are a way for the aquatics community to connect and share their ideas, experiences and solutions. If you’re interested in scheduling a Clear Comfort Check-In, contact us today!


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Geoff McKenzie

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Geoff brings experience in writing, publishing, manufacturing and business development to Clear Comfort. He has written freelance for publications such as O Magazine and has worked at major media outlets, such as Men’s Health and Backpacker Magazine.Before Clear Comfort, he served as a community economic development volunteer in the Peace Corps and is now proud to be a part of a leading innovative company that is revolutionizing the pool industry. Geoff is passionate about sustainability, technology and cultural exchange. He is fluent in Spanish and enjoys traveling, biking, reading and writing in his free time.