[Video] Clear Comfort Check-In: Jack Huisingh, Holland Community Aquatic Center

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In this Clear Comfort Check-In, Jack Huisingh, Executive Director of the Holland Community Aquatic Center, sits down for a virtual conversation with Tom Schaefer of Clear Comfort. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown, Huisingh and Schaefer discuss how the aquatic center is keeping busy, preparing to reopen and handling an interrupted $26 million renovation. Huisingh explains how his team is staying connected with each other and their fitness, health and wellness community. Additionally, Huisingh and Schaefer discuss changes that aquatics facilities and fitness centers will need to make as they prepare to reopen to the public.

Clear Comfort Check-Ins are a way for the aquatics community to connect and share their ideas, experiences and solutions. If you’re interested in scheduling a Clear Comfort Check-In, contact us today!


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