Three things to know about hot tub chemicals

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chemical-free hot tubIt’s that time of year again. The leaves have fallen, the temperature has cooled, and snow is falling.

As a skier, one of my favorite ways to après is heading to the hot tub. Often, after about 15 minutes, I start thinking about how that chemical-filled steam is going to affect my lungs on the slopes the following day. Not only that, it has a terrible effect on my skin and swimsuits. So what is the deal with hot tub chemicals and is there an alternative?

Hot tubs are not hot enough to kill bacteria

The temperature of the water in a hot tub is not hot enough to kill bugs, and in fact, certain types thrive in hotter water. Have you ever had hot tub rash? Or heard of the much more serious Legionella bacteria? Because of these contaminants, hot tub owners must sanitize the water, and most often they turn to chemicals like bromine or chlorine. Nevertheless, these chemicals are not the healthiest or most effective forms of sanitation.

Bromine vs. chlorine

Chlorine is commonly used in swimming pools and some hot tubs, while bromine is more commonly found in hot tubs because it lasts longer in hotter temperatures. Both chemicals create disinfection byproducts when they react with organic matter, such as lotion, cosmetics and urine. Disinfection byproducts cause that heavy chemical scent and they are toxic to humans.

Disinfection byproducts

Now think about that first deep breath you take after your skin has acclimated to the water temperature, and you’ve settled back into the bubbles. What do you smell? Most likely, you’re taking a deep, relaxing breath of steam that smells like bromine or chlorine because it is filled disinfection byproducts. If you can smell a heavy chemical smell, it means the chlorine or bromine is hard at work oxidizing contaminants, meaning there’s a lot of yucky stuff in the hot tub. How revitalizing does the hot tub feel now?

So what is the alternative?  Today, you can have a completely chlorine- or bromine-free hot tub, without exposing yourself to hot tub rash or other unpleasant bacteria. It’s called AOP Technology and uses an advanced oxidation process that cleans the water much like our atmosphere cleans our air. Do you want a healthier hot tub? Contact Clear Comfort to learn more.


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