The Luxury Look: How to Make Your Pool Staycation Worthy

The Luxury Look: How to Make Your Pool Staycation Worthy - Clear ComfortThis summer, you can avoid traveling costs, hassles and time by spending your vacation time at home. Instead of investing in a one week vacation, turn your backyard into the perfect staycation destination that you can enjoy year-round.

Here are three pool trends that’ll make your backyard worthy of a staycation:


1. Underwater lighting

LED lights are a cost-effective way to add a luxurious look to your pool environment. Underwater LED lights come in a variety of colors that can alternate with your mood, lightly transition between colors or perform a color-changing show. In addition, installing underwater LED lights brighten up your pool for night swimming.

2. Vanishing edges

A vanishing pool edge creates an illusion of water seamlessly falling over an edge of a pool. Vanishing pool edges are perfect for pools with scenic views because they create an optical illusion of water extending into the horizon. This design trend was first seen at high-end resorts and is now used by residential pool builders to transform backyard pools into a scenic oases. 

3. Better water, less maintenance

A great part about being on vacation is not having to do regular household chores, like maintaining pool water. While all pools require regular maintenance – there are certain pool sanitation systems that will reduce and simplify your required pool care significantly. Using an hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation pool system, like the CCW100, will eliminate the need for salt or chlorine use, storing and handling.

In addition, the CCW100 is self-regulating and only requires one annual cartridge replacement. So you can spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying clean, clear, low-chlorine pool water.

If you want a break from your regular routine, while sparing yourself the money and stress of traveling – use these one-time pool upgrades to make your backyard staycation feel like a luxurious getaway.