Swimming and Psoriasis: You can still enjoy the pool

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Women relaxing in a beauty farmPsoriasis is a skin disease affecting 7.5 million Americans.  Symptoms include scaling skin, inflammation, pain, redness, swelling and even arthritis.  To learn more about psoriasis, check out this fact sheet by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health.  Not contagious, psoriasis can be triggered by stress, medications, environmental factors and/or dry weather. 

People with psoriasis often avoid pools and hot tubs because the chlorine used to keep the pool clean causes the skin to dry out, further complicating the already painful skin condition.  That said, there are ways for people with psoriasis to still enjoy swimming or a relaxing soak in a hot tub.

The National Psoriasis Foundation recommends showering immediately after swimming in a chlorinated pool and using soaps and shampoos designed to remove chlorine.  However, many people would rather just soak in their tub at home or avoid the chlorinated pool altogether to prevent triggering their psoriasis.

For psoriasis sufferers, there is another option — a way to swim or soak in a hot tub without chlorine and without triggering dry skin symptoms.  Clear Comfort offers a chlorine-free pool system for home pools and hot tubs.  For commercial pools, while code requires chlorine, Clear Comfort can reduce chlorine use by as much as 70 percent, making swimming a much more enjoyable experience. 

Even those of us without a skin disease can share stories of chlorine’s painfully skin drying effects. If you know someone with psoriasis who would love to swim, let them know a safe alternative exists or point them in the direction of a pool with Clear Comfort so they can enjoy swimming without the suffering.

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