Sustainable pools: The higher standard for 2016

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LeafThe harmful impact of human activity on the environment — from exhaustion of natural resources to global warming to water pollution — means we must live more sustainably to save our planet. Today, sustainable living can be extended to our pools.

When something is “sustainable,” by definition, it “conserves an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.” Thus, a sustainable pool avoids excessive use of water, energy, chlorine and other chemicals. Additionally, a sustainable pool is less damaging to pool equipment, pool liners and decking,  pool covers, swimsuits and pool toys to maintain their longevity.  

Here are a some examples of pools that are going above and beyond in sustainability:

The startup Stimergy is harnessing heat that underground data centers give off to warm university gyms and social housing. Now, the company is working on heating a swimming pool using the energy from a nearby underground computer server center.

Stimergy is taking advantage of an untapped resource, creating a win-win situation because not only are pools being heated, but the underground servers are cooled when the heat is diverted.

In the Netherlands, this pool is heated by warmth from wastewater. The system saves more than 50,000 euros per year ($56,350 USD) and reduces 137,000 kg of carbon dioxide emission per year.

Solar pool heaters are a more accessible sustainable option that can be used for residential pools to larger commercial and public pools. The Santa Clara International Swim Center, which houses Olympian training and world-class swim meets, is now using solar energy to heat all three of its pools.

Now trusted on hundreds of residential and commercial pools nationwide, Clear Comfort’s sustainable, nature-inspired technology uses an advanced oxidation process to reduce or eliminate chlorine use while offering effective disinfection. Clear Comfort’s technology mimics the same natural process that makes our air clean and breathable. By reducing or eliminating chlorine and other pool chemicals with Clear Comfort, pool owners and operators can reduce toxic chemical handling, storage and the inevitable spread of toxins into our ecosystem.

Stay tuned — next week we will share the ins and outs of how to make your pool more sustainable!

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