[Podcast] Selling to a New Generation with Steve Berens of Clear Comfort

Founder and CEO of Clear Comfort, Steve Berens, recently sat down with Megan Kendrick and Jeff Bailey of The SpaRetailer Podcast to discuss Clear Comfort’s unique approach to spa water treatment and what’s important to the next generation of hot tub buyers.

In this episode, Berens begins by talking about how Clear Comfort’s scalable Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) systems can improve water quality and simplify operations in everything from spas to water parks. Following the announcement of Clear Comfort’s collaboration with Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, Berens explains how Hydroxyl-Based AOP is revolutionizing the hot tub industry and advancing the experience for spa owners and dealers everywhere. 

Delivering a Better Water Experience

“We’re having a lot of activity right now around spas and spa dealers because it’s a strong desire for customers to have simpler, easier to manage water and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re trying to deliver,” Berens said. “We’re trying to deliver a better water experience, an enjoyable one, without the odor, without the chemical touching you have to do constantly, things like that.”

Bailey, co-owner of Spring Dance Hot Tubs, has had personal experience with the Clear Comfort system and shared some of his thoughts on the podcast.

“I love the product. I’ve had it in my spa for about four months, and I’ve never had a spa that didn’t get squirrely in that four-month period,” Bailey said. “I’m blown away that there’s just no smell. You smell the water, the water smells fresh.”

Spas for the Next Generation

Beren also discussed the wants and needs of the next generation of hot tub buyers and where Clear Comfort fits into the equation. As hot tub buyer demographics change, Berens believes hot tub manufacturers and retailers should start to rethink their approach in order to reflect those changes.

“I think the next generation of buyer is demanding an entirely different experience from purchase to disposal,” Berens explained. “That buyer has a much broader view of things than my generation had. When I first got into the spa industry, jet count was everything. Now people aren’t really looking at jet count, they’re talking about ‘What’s the experience?’.”

While traditional approaches to selling spas have tended to focus on things like features and price, Berens believes spa retailers should now be shifting their focus to the more intangible aspects of spa ownership that bring customers through the doors.

“As an industry, we have to sell the value and the value we deliver is the experience,” Steve said. “The more we can talk about that the happier our customer is going to be, and the better the service we’re going to give them.”

Berens went on to discuss the ways in which spa retailers can deliver this different approach to selling hot tubs.

“I think packaging is key,” Berens said. “The more you can do to make it easier for the customer after they make a purchase and not have to make a decision later, the better. It’s about having a happier customer and a happier customer is one that doesn’t have to think about it.”

Easier is Better

Bailey went on to comment about the simplicity of Clear Comfort’s AOP system, and how that helps spa retailers to provide customers with an easier experience that they don’t have to worry about.

“One of the unique things about your product is that you install it, you turn on a switch and that’s it,” Bailey said. “It’s a button that you push and it turns on the device and the device does its job.”

Clear Comfort is able to simplify the hot tub experience because it delivers a patented, Hydroxyl-Based AOP system that treats air and injects it into the hot tub plumbing, producing hydroxyl radicals that instantaneously oxidize contaminants in the pool water. Compared to other ozone-UV combination systems, Clear Comfort requires relatively no system maintenance other than a quick cartridge exchange about once a year.

By eliminating most of the contaminants in the water, Clear Comfort’s AOP system allows hot tub owners to add less chemicals and put less effort into keeping their water clean and fresh. In the rise of a new generation of hot tub buyers who expect the easiest experience possible, Clear Comfort is the perfect solution to water care for the future of the hot tub industry.

To learn more about Clear Comfort’s hot tub water treatment solutions, download the CCW50 product sheet.

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