How to install a Clear Comfort pool system

Our technology is a new, non-chlorine way to treat pool water – so we often get questions about how to install a Clear Comfort pool system.

Clear Comfort’s award-winning technology may be patented and new, but installing it is a simple process that can be done by any pool professional. In addition, Clear Comfort has a dedicated support team that can answer any installation questions that you or your pool provider has before, during or after installation.

If you don’t know where to begin or would like an idea of how – here are five things you need to do when installing your residential Clear Comfort pool system:

1. Prep your pool water

It’s important to start the Clear Comfort installation process with clean, clear pool water. Depending on your current pool water quality, this may require: a fresh fill or diluting what you have, cleaning your filter and balancing your water chemistry.

2. Assemble a U-bypass

More than any other installation step, we recommend that you have a pool professional assemble your U-bypass. U-bypass is PVC pipe configuration that’s easily installed into your existing pool piping after the pump, filter and heater.

3. Set up your pump

For the best water quality results, Clear Comfort recommends setting your pump to run at 2400 RPM and run your filter 24/7, or 23/7 if you’re using a DE filters.

4. Adjust the air injection

Clear Comfort operates by injecting treated air into the pool plumbing, therefore the proper airflow (or air pressure) from the Clear Comfort system to the pool plumbing must be adjusted to 5 to 7 LPM with our provided flow meter.

5. Prevent algae growth

Remember to use an algaecide, and proactively shock your pool by adding the necessary amount to treat the water, brush your pool surfaces and adjust the pH.

If your pool provider has any installation questions – or – if you need recommended pool provider to install your Clear Comfort system, please Clear Comfort support at 855.866.6558 or [email protected].

For complete installation instructions please refer to your Clear Comfort manual included with your Clear Comfort’s system or contact Clear Comfort support.


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Gabrielle Palumbo

Marketing Director
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