Case Study: How to clear a hot tub without chlorine or bromine

A hot tub is an investment of your time and money, especially when it comes to maintaining clean, clear water. In just a few uses, crystal clear hot tub water can turn into tainted, cloudy water too filthy to use. So, what is the solution?

Many spa owners turn to draining and refilling their hot tub or use a chlorine shock regiment. However, draining and refilling hot tubs too frequently is a waste of water and your time, and shock treatments can become a hassle.

With a fast rebounding time and a reduced need for draining, Clear Comfort’s advanced oxidation process is the most effective and healthy solution for treating your hot tub water. Clear Comfort can reduce your hot tub’s chlorine use down to tap water levels, or eliminate chlorine use altogether, so you can spend more time enjoying your hot tub and less time monitoring the toxic chemicals in it.

In addition to coming out of your hot tub smelling fresh, you won’t have burning eyes or itchy, dry skin. To prove that Clear Comfort is the ideal hot tub and spa treatment solution, we put the system to the test and the results speak for themselves.

The Goal:

Prove that the Clear Comfort system can effectively, quickly, and without a shock treatment clear a spa that has experienced an extreme bather overload (i.e., had a lot of swimmers in it with lotion, cosmetics, sweat and other nasty stuff).

The Approach:

We first created a bather overload concoction that would typically require shocking or draining in a spa or hot tub. The bather load ingredients included:

  • Sweat and urine mimicked with almond milk
  • Urine with urea
  • Sweat with salt
  • Skin oils with lotion

The bather load concoction was the equivalent of six swimmers in the spa for 30 minutes. However, we multiplied these ingredients by two to 50 times to intensify the testing.

Next, we added the bather overload ingredients into two non-chlorinated spas with the Clear Comfort system as the only form of water treatment.

The Result:

500 gallon indoor spa:Bather-load-case-study-pictures-I


700 gallon outdoor spa:Bather-load-case-study-pictures-II

The spas recovered by more than 50 percent within 12 hours of the Clear Comfort system running, and reached 100 percent recovery in 24 hours. Testing confirmed that the Clear Comfort system exceeds at clearing an extreme bather overload situation in spas and hot tubs.

With Clear Comfort, customers can experience:

  • A reduction or elimination of a spa shock regiment and draining.
  • Simplified maintenance and management of pool service companies.
  • Healthier hot tub water with less chemicals and more effective and continual oxidation.

For the full list of the contamination protocol and more information on testing, read the full case study.

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Gabrielle Palumbo

Marketing Manager
Gabrielle brings her experience in communications, marketing, customer satisfaction, design and media to Clear Comfort. As the talent behind Clear Comfort's infographics, she excels at finding creative ways to educate swimmers about the power of Clear Comfort's pool treatment system.