The health benefits of hot tubs and spas

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Women relaxing in a beauty farmSoaking in a hot tub or spa can provide many health benefits, including stress relief, improved sleep and pain relief.

Stress relief

The temperature of the water in hot tubs and spas improves blood circulation and increases body temperature which helps your body and mind relax. Dr. Bruce Becker of Washington State University found that “the autonomic nervous system alters during warm water immersion, producing changes that are parallel to those seen during relaxation.”

Becker’s research also indicated that warm water immersion may have positive effects on memory and performance of cognitive tasks.

In addition, hot tubs are a place where you are less likely to have daily distractions such as your iPhone or TV, allowing for true down time.  

Improved sleep

Medical experts recommend soaking in a hot tub or warm bath before bedtime to help the body relax into deep sleep more quickly and easily. The added relaxation and stress relief benefits also help to improve sleep quality.

Physical benefits

When you submerge your body in hotter water, it increases blood flow and causes your blood vessels to dilate. The hot water also heats deep muscle tissues, which helps to relax muscles, relieving tight muscles. Joint pain and soreness is also relieved due to the buoyancy of the water. Since 90 percent of your body weight is supported by the water, your joints are allowed to rest.

Do your research

While hot tubs can offer health benefits, if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure or heart problems, check with your doctor before you go for a soak. In addition, research how the hot tub is sanitized. Many hot tubs use chemicals like chlorine or bromine that can cause skin and lung irritation. If the hot tub isn’t properly sanitized, you can expose yourself to hot tub rash and other unpleasant bacteria.

Today, you can have a low-chlorine hot tub using an advanced oxidation system like Clear Comfort’s AOP Technology. This technology sanitizes the water more effectively than chlorine or bromine, enhancing your tub’s health benefits and lowering your impact on the environment by reducing your chemical use in your home.




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