Five Steps to a More Eco-friendly Pool

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environmentWith an eco-friendly pool, you can do your part for the environment. Today there are a number of sustainable products that will help you turn your pool from an energy-sucking, chemical-ridden hot zone to a pristine, healthy, sustainable swimming environment.

Here are five ways to make your pool more green (in a good way):

Upgrade your pump: Save energy with a programmable, variable-speed pool pump. Not only will a variable-speed pump make your pool eco-friendly, it can save you as much as 90 percent on energy costs.

Invest in a solar pool heater: Heat your pool with the sun rather than the nearest power plant. Again, with a solar heater you’ll see a reduction in your energy bill, while doing your part to protect our world.

No more chlorine: Pool sanitation chemicals like chlorine are bad for the environment, and they are also bad for you and your family. A chlorine alternative pool sanitation system that uses an advanced oxidation process can provide complete pool sanitation without harming the environment or your health.

Mighty Pods: SeaKlear’s biodegradable, all natural pods made from recycled crab shells combat three of the most common pool water issues: cloudy water, phosphates, and build-up.

Use a pool cover: This seems so simple, but covering your pool when it isn’t in use will keep heat in and reduce water evaporation, thereby conserving energy and water.

Learn more about Clear Comfort’s eco-friendly, low-chlorine pool treatment system.

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