Daily Camera: YMCA lowers chlorine & pool smell with Clear Comfort

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Boy in healthy swimming poolThe YMCA of Boulder Valley has a mission to provide the best experience to its members, so when Vice President Keith Williams was introduced to Clear Comfort, he saw an opportunity to make a big difference: reduce chlorine, improve facility sustainability, and get rid of the pool smell. 

This week, the local newspaper, the Daily Camera, featured the YMCA’s new, crystal clear, odorless pool. Read an excerpt below.

Something is different at the YMCA of Boulder Valley’s pool.

It doesn’t smell like chlorine. The water is clear. And it won’t leave your eyes red and irritated.

The Boulder pool is one of the first in Boulder County to install a new disinfection system — one that dramatically reduces the amount of chlorine in the water and, thereby, potential harmful effects on swimmers and the environment.

The Boulder-based company behind the new system, Clear Comfort, says the pool water is just as clean, if not cleaner, than with chlorine, saline or other options. But with Clear Comfort, the water measures a reduced amount of disinfection byproducts, or the compounds created during chlorine pool treatment that cause the “pool smell,” lung irritation, red eyes and irritated skin.

“We found great results in the pool environment: a lower chlorine level, getting rid of the traditional enclosed pool smell. It was a total disinfected new approach to balancing and maintaining the water there, and it’s been really successful,” says Keith Williams, vice president of facilities at the YMCA of Boulder Valley.

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