Cost saving tips for commercial pools

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iStock_000038794352_XXXLargeManaging a commercial pool is no small task. Here are several ways to save money, time and energy.

Lower Your Energy Bills

While expensive, a solar thermal system can reduce energy costs by thousands per year. Because code requires 24-hour circulation, a variable speed pump is also a great option that can lessen your energy use by 30-50 percent. Using LED lights (which cut costs by up to 80 percent), a solar powered pool pump, and using a cartridge filter can also save on energy and water costs.

In addition, choose an energy-efficient secondary sanitizer. Clear Comfort’s pool system uses less energy than UV systems. Comparing Clear Comfort to a typical UV system, energy costs are a $5,000+ difference.

Lower Your Chemical Costs

Using less chemicals saves money, reduces your impact on the environment, and creates a healthier swimming environment. Using Clear Comfort’s advanced oxidation pool system uses the power of hydroxyl radicals to reduce chlorine consumption and costs by as much as 50 percent.

If you have a UV system, add chlorine to the pool at night because UV light degrades chlorine in a short amount of time so you can add up to 50 percent less chlorine by adding it at night. Also, the chlorine will have time to do its job after the swimmers have left the pool.

Lower Your Water Bill

When you save water, you save money. Prevent water loss from evaporation by creating a windbreak (to prevent wind coming across the surface of the pool). Pool covers also prevent significant water loss and heat loss overnight.

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