Clear Comfort Reviews: What our customers are saying

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We love to hear that we are helping people swim healthier, more eco-friendly, easier and – most of all – happier.

Don’t take our word for it, here are some Clear Comfort reviews of our residential non-chlorine pool and spa sanitation systems:

Clear Comfort Reviews: Chlorine Free Pool Systems

“I love the Clear Comfort system because my pool appears to be much cleaner and clearer and has reduced the monthly maintenance significantly.”

Libby C., Colorado


“Clear Comfort has literally been a lifestyle changer. My wife refused to swim in our chlorinated pool. Now I can’t get her out of the water and she even drinks the stuff! She says it is like swimming in silk.”

Ted P. Washington


Clear Comfort Reviews: Chlorine Free Pool Systems

“We just love how easy it is to use the Clear Comfort system. My pool is chlorine free so it always looks great and there is no chlorine sting nor skin irritation. Our prior home was a saltwater pool and you had to add salt every so often, keep an eye on the salt cell and then the cell needs to be replaced after so many years. With Clear Comfort, it is just an easy change of the canister which twists on and off – no bags of salt to add. It is so easy.”

George H., California


“The Clear Comfort solution makes owning and using a hot tub a pleasure. Eliminating the need for adding chemicals not only is much easier, it also avoids the often overwhelming chemical smell and corrosion. Thank you Clear Comfort for helping me love my home hot tub experience.”

Leland L., Colorado

Clear Comfort Reviews: Chlorine Free Pool Systems

“Our own perfect paradise. No more chlorine or harmful chemicals for this family!”

Margaret W., Colorado


“Have had recent trouble with my saltwater systems, I was reluctant to try a new concept. The staff at Clear comfort were not only very informative but patient with all of our questions and concerns. We use our pool every day, especially my wife. She no longer feels the ill effects of high chlorination to our eyes hair and skin. Thank you Clear Comfort.”

Garry R., Hawaii


Clear Comfort Reviews: Chlorine Free Pool Systems

“I love the system! What a joy it is to go swimming without all the chlorine and skin issues that can accompany chlorinated pool water. With Clear Comfort, the water even feels nicer and softer than the hard water we are used to in Tucson. Such a wonderful and easy-to-maintain system that keeps the pool water sparkling and healthy with little work and expense.”

Pat S., Arizona


“I love Clear Comfort. There’s less work involved in maintaining & less worry about health issues from chlorine. You don’t have the chlorine smell in the water or on bathing suits after using the spa.”

Michael Z.

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