Pool Maintenance

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Why poor pool air quality is a big deal

Last weekend, I walked into an aquatics facility with an indoor pool and was greeted by the heavy smell of chlorine in the air. This facility uses a salt pool system, and the chlorine smell (yes, salt pools are chlorinated) permeated beyond the pool room to the offices and shop attached.

Chlorine has been the status quo for a long, long time, and the industry has accepted the stink that comes with it. But that is rapidly changing.

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Sonoran News: Arizona Pool Keeper keeps pools clean, clear & eco-friendly with Clear Comfort

Sonoran News features one of Clear Comfort’s favorite pool service companies, Arizona Pool Keeper:

Part of the continuing education Arizona Pool Keeper owners Brian and Alisha Koborg pass on to clients is the benefit of going green. They encourage using LED lights, more efficient and money-saving pumps, automation linked to one’s Smartphone and the Clear Comfort system that provides “clean, clear pools without toxic chemicals.”