10 Best Pool Designs for Your Backyard

Having a backyard pool is a luxury; however, when the weather is hot, it may seem more like a necessity instead of a luxury. It’s a homeowner’s oasis and a relaxing retreat from the stresses of the world. It’s also a place where the kids get to have fun, and guests can gather for a party.

Turning the backyard pool space into a retreat doesn’t have to be hard. It can be accomplished in a variety of ways. While this process might be easier to accomplish during new construction, it’s not impossible to handle if the pool already exists.

Below are some ways to design the pool area to make it a relaxing and enjoyable space:

1. Make It a Unique Shape

Square or rectangular pools serve their purpose, and they may be what a person wants if they swim laps.

But, having a pool with a different shape can add a touch of sophistication and excitement. Also, in most cases, having a unique shape won’t affect the AOP pool sanitizer system, which keeps the water clean and clear.

When it comes to deciding what shape a person wants their pool, the only limits are their imagination. From round, to oblong, to guitar-shaped, to tiered – there are many options available.

Of course, these designs will all come with a different price tag, so keep the budget in mind when planning the pool’s shape.

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2. Add a Clear Side(s)

One of the big trends in pools right now is to make them look like a fish bowl. This means adding a clear side, or sides, to the pool so that people in the water can look out – or people outside of the water can look in.

This is a fun element that will make the pool truly unique and different.

3. Add a Spa

Just because a person has a pool doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t also love to have a spa. This can be something that can be added to the pool area to make it more relaxing.

Finding the right spa will depend on personal preference and the amount of space in the area. Don’t forget to have the right spa disinfection system to keep the water clean and pathogen free!

4. Add a Water Feature

From waterfalls to fountains, adding a water feature to a pool can make it the perfect oasis for the homeowner to relax and decompress. It will also add sophistication and be aesthetically pleasing to both the eyes and the ears.

A person may also consider adding rock walls to their pool. Much like a waterfall, this natural element can add that extra something to make the pool area a special and a relaxing retreat. It could also be a great place to hide the non-chlorine AOP pool system.

5. Add Lighting

Adding lighting to the pool area will bring in a touch of magic! The lights can be placed directly in the water or on the decking outside. Lights can add a spectacular glow to the water at night, and be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Adding lights will also make it possible for the owner to enjoy the pool after the sun sets. Taking a dip in the dark under the stars can be an exhilarating experience and it will help a person forget all about their daily stress.

For lighting that is added to the area around the pool, finding something that expresses the homeowner’s style should be easy. On the market today there are tiki torches, string lighting, fire-pits, lamp posts, and so much more – the options are limitless. Finding something that will work for the pool space and within the budget shouldn’t be a problem.

Best pool designs Lights | Clear Comfort pool

6. Add Landscaping

One of the easiest ways to make the outdoor space a relaxing area is to add landscaping. This can include plants that are native to the area and strategically placed around the area for privacy or they can be transplanted vegetation that makes the backyard tropical.

Deciding what is best will be determined by what the homeowner wants and what will grow in the climate.

Best pool designs share | Clear Comfort pool

7. Add Sports or Family Fun

Putting up a basketball hoop, a volleyball net, or slides can be a great way to make the pool a great place for everyone to hang out and have some fun.

Exercising is also a great way to let go of the stress of the day, and spending time with the kids or friends is always amazing.

8.  Add Seating and Shade

Being around the pool is a great way to cool off on a hot day, and having a place where people can put up their feet and enjoy the outdoors, but still stay out of the sun’s harmful rays, will make it even better.

Adding the perfect seating, including lounge chairs, and awnings or umbrellas will make the pool area an outstanding space that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Adding a table and grill to the outdoor space will also make it a wonderful area to spend an evening. Cooking outside and eating in the fresh air can be invigorating.

 best pool designs | Clear Comfort Pool

9.  Add Art to the Interior of the Pool

To truly make the swimming space unique, consider adding a design or a painting to the pool. Of course, the water will have to be drained to accomplish this task, so plan accordingly.

Adding a painting, a mosaic, or some other form of art in the pool will add a touch of beauty and style that directly reflects the owner’s personality.

10. Have the Right Cleaning System

While your pump room may not be glamorous or be pleasing to the eye, having the right cleaning system in it for the pool is a must. It can be a non-chlorine AOP pool system or a UV pool sanitizer system—whatever works for the owner!

It will keep the water clear, fresh-feeling and prevent the people who use it from getting sick. With minimal chemical dosing, handling and storing, it will also make your pool water easier to maintain.

It may still be necessary to give the area a deep clean every once in a while or skim leaves and other debris off the surface with a net, but overall, the right cleaning system will make pool maintenance a breeze.


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