Are you making these 5 hot tub care mistakes?

If you just purchased a hot tub for the cold fall and winter seasons, or are new to hot tub care, you’ll be happy to know that hot tub maintenance can be simple. If you avoid these five common hot tub care mistakes, you’ll save time and hassle:

1. Keeping your hot tub uncovered

Keeping your hot tub covered prevents debris, like leaves, sticks and dirt, from getting in the water and throwing off water chemical balance. Covers can also help keep your energy costs down by trapping in warm air.

2. No temperature control

Do not forget to turn the water temperature down after using your hot tub. Keeping the water temperature lower, and the tub covered when it is not in use, can save a lot of energy and money.

3. Ignoring cleaning filters

Air and other debris can clog the filters and, over time, can cause a back up, which leads to unnecessary energy consumption. Clean your filters regularly to make sure they are running efficiently.

4. Not showering off before getting in

Body lotions, sweat, hair and other organic materials react with chlorine forming harmful chloramines.  Chloramines can cause irritation, asthma and other health issues. Shower off before getting in the tub to keep chloramines to a minimum. Additionally, showering off can reduce the number of times you will need to clean the filters.

5. Using the wrong chemicals

Using harsh chemicals can cause premature degradation of hot tub parts.  Chlorine is a common sanitizer; however, handling, storing and balancing chlorine is tedious and harmful to your health. Advanced oxidation spa systems, like Clear Comfort, provides a healthy and environmentally friendly way to treat your spa without the hassle of chlorine.

As you can see, the most common and problematic hot tub care mistake can be easily avoided.  This hot tub season, take care of your hot tub so it can take care of you. 


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Claire McDaniel

Claire is a swimming and nutrition expert who loves to educate and motivate others to healthier living. She swam competitively for 18 years, is a five time All-American, a Division I National Champion, was co-captain of Team USA at the 2007 World University Games and was named a finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award. She also has a master’s degree in nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. After swimming, Claire started coaching and has coached all over the US and even in Switzerland! Her experience and expertise about both swimming and health fuel her passion for Clear Comfort’s mission – to make swimming a 100 percent healthy activity for swimmers, coaches, lifeguards and pool staff.