10 Reasons YMCAs are Switching to Clear Comfort AOP Pool Treatment

Many YMCAs across the United States have made the switch to Clear Comfort’s Advanced Oxidation (AOP) pool and spa water treatment – and the number is growing. 

When it comes to treating pool and spa water, YMCA aquatics facilities need an effective and easy way to provide patrons with the best possible air and water quality. A growing amount of YMCAs have found that Clear Comfort AOP is the answer to their pool treatment needs. But why has this new pool treatment technology gained popularity in so many YMCAs?

Why are YMCA pools switching to Clear Comfort AOP?

1. For Chemical Consumption Reduction 

Clear Comfort water treatment systems allow YMCA facilities to save 30 to 50 percent on chemicals including chlorine, cyanuric acid and enzymes. With less chemical consumption, YMCA aquatic operators can save money, reduce chemical handling and provide patrons with fresher water.

2. To Save Time Spent on Maintenance 

Clear Comfort simplifies maintenance and reduces maintenance time with only an annual cartridge exchange that takes under 15 minutes. UV systems can require hours of complicated maintenance every year as well as professional service technicians to work on them. A Clear Comfort cartridge exchange can be performed without any special skills or tools.

3. It Has Low Electrical Costs

Clear Comfort saves 80 to 95 percent on electrical consumption compared to most UV systems. This can save facilities thousands of dollars a year on electrical costs and may even allow facilities to qualify for grant money that would cover the entire cost of the system.

4. To Reduce Combined Chlorine 

Clear Comfort reduces combined chlorine (chloramines) and other disinfection by-products by 70 to 90 percent, providing pool and spa water that is healthier and does not cause skin, eye or lung irritation. This improves air and water quality and protects patrons and staff from health risks associated with breathing disinfection by-products. In addition, reducing combined chlorine helps the chlorine sanitize more efficiently.

5. For Cryptosporidium Protection

Clear Comfort is proven to reduce 99.99 percent (4-log) of Cryptosporidium, a chlorine-resistant parasite that can cause dangerous outbreaks of waterborne illnesses. Cryptosporidium is a major threat and liability to aquatics facilities, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is a leading cause of waterborne disease among humans in the United States.

6. To Improve Water Clarity

Clear Comfort oxidizes pool water and breaks down pollutants to be more easily filtered out, resulting in clear, beautiful water. Clear Comfort produces high concentrations of hydroxyl radicals, which are the most potent oxidizers available for pool and spa sanitation. These hydroxyl radicals eliminate contaminants in the pool water that are the cause of cloudiness.

7. Achieve Fresher Air Quality

By reducing disinfection by-products and chemical consumption, Clear Comfort improves indoor facility air quality dramatically, allowing facilities to save money on supplied fresh air. Reducing electrical consumption and supplied fresh air in your facility can also result in tens of thousands of dollars in grant money. In addition, improving air quality means a healthier environment for patrons and staff.

8. It’s Simple to Install 

Clear Comfort is easy to install, simple to maintain, seamlessly integrates with all existing equipment and doesn’t require complicated systems, such as degas vessels or mixing vessels. Clear Comfort also provides personalized customer support to assist with installation and maintenance.

9. For Cost-Effective Treatment

By reducing chemical consumption, electrical consumption and maintenance costs, Clear Comfort provides powerful and safe water treatment that is also cost-effective for commercial facilities. Replacing UV systems with Clear Comfort can save facilities thousands of dollars a year, which makes the system pay for itself over time.

10. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Reduced chemical and energy consumption means Clear Comfort is more sustainable and eco-friendly than most alternatives. Chlorine production is a major contributor to global carbon emissions and UV systems consume high amounts of electrical energy, making Clear Comfort the most eco-friendly pool water treatment solution on the market.

As an increasing number of YMCAs, JCCs, recreation centers and other aquatics facilities make the switch to Clear Comfort AOP, a shift is happening in the way commercial aquatics operators are approaching water treatment methods. 

In the past, chlorine was the standard water treatment method for almost every aquatic facility in the country. Now, many facilities are taking a modern approach to pool water treatment that is more cost-effective, more patron-focused, healthier and more environmentally-friendly than ever before. This shift paves the way for a bright new future for aquatics facilities around the world.

Interested in hearing about a real YMCA’s experience with Clear Comfort AOP? Visit our blog “[Video] Pool Stories: Improving a YMCA’s Pool Air & Water Quality.”


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