Secondary & Supplemental Treatment: How Do They Compare?

If you’re in the aquatics industry, you probably have come across the terms “secondary” and “supplemental” treatment, but do you really understand what they are and how they differ? Those who aren’t exactly sure aren’t alone, there is considerable confusion about supplemental and secondary equipment for commercial pool water treatment and what each means for […]

Winter Edition: The Best 5 Pool Environment Upgrades

Summers days are far behind us but the days of enjoying your pool and spa are not. Even as temperatures plunge, there are ways you can still swim, exercise and relax in your home pool or hot tub. So hold off on hanging up that bathing suit, here are the five best winter-friendly pool environment upgrades. 1. Add […]

Pool Story(s): How Two Recreational Facilities Enhanced Air & Water Quality With AOP & UV

When it comes to treating pool water in recreational facilities, the less combined chlorine (chloramines) and disinfection byproduct (DBPs) you have the better the air and water is. Recreational facility pools are exposed to heavy bather loads, or organic like sweat, skin oils, lotions, etc., from swimming lessons, competitions, exercise sessions and other aquatic activities. […]

How To Enhance Your Pool Business In The Winter

With winter right around the corner, you may be wondering how to assure that your pool business will stay afloat during the slower off-season months. Even with the busy season coming to an end, there are still many opportunities to grow your business and make the most of the possibilities that fall and winter present. […]

Thanksgiving 2018: What We Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving is this week, which means it’s almost time to eat, drink and spend time with family and friends. However – before you rush off to enjoy the holiday – we’d like to remind you to give thanks to the family members, friends, co-workers, clients and even acquaintances that have supported you this year. To […]

New Manifold Makes Clear Comfort Pool System Installation Easier Than Ever

The Pool Owners Looking for the Best Water Quality Can Now Have the Easiest Installation Too with Company’s First Manifold Product Boulder, Colorado – November 13, 2018 – Clear Comfort unveils its first rapid-install Manifold made specifically for the CCW100 pool sanitation system. The pool plumbing Manifold enables homeowners and pool service providers to install […]

3 Reasons You Should Learn How to Close a Pool (the Right Way)

Now that it’s fall, you might be faced with the tedious task of closing your pool. However, if you don’t close your pool properly – next spring you will also be faced with time-consuming and expensive repairs. But we have good news – it’s not too late to avoid time-consuming and expensive post-winter pool repairs. […]

Meet Clear Comfort at These 2018 Trade Shows!

Summer has gone, but the pool and spa industry trade show season is just getting started! If you’re a pool, spa or commercial aquatics professional, come to stop by these shows to see Clear Comfort’s new offerings, special show promotion and case study data! Here are some of the shows that Clear Comfort is exhibiting […]

[Video] What Do Clear Comfort Bubbles Look Like?

A common question we get about our pool and spa systems is, “What do the bubbles look like?” Unlike most pool sanitation systems, Clear Comfort air-injects it’s sanitizer into your pool plumbing. This means that tiny bubbles of non-toxic hydroxyl radicals pass through your pool or spa to oxidize contaminants and allow you to enjoy […]

National Preparedness Month: Drowning Prevention & Water Safety Tips

Did you know that floods are the most common natural disaster that occurs in the United States? Additionally, drowning accounts for 75 percent of deaths during flood disasters. September is National Preparedness Month, which an opportunity to remind ourselves and our families that if a disaster strikes we need to stay safe and not sorry. From checking […]